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David Howard McDonnell
Nominated Charity

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Two Actors From Stratford
Short Description
William Shakespeare is making his first trip to London. He meets many comical characters along the way who inspire characters in his future plays.
Plot Synopsis
A young William Shakespeare and his best friend Hamnet Sadler have just left their homes in Stratford-upon-Avon and arrived in the Forest of Arden. They are headed for London to seek their fortune as actors. They have sworn to forsake women for three years while studying acting in London. In the forest they meet a saucy wench and an innocent milkmaid. William lusts after the saucy wench, and Hamnet falls in love with the milkmaid. Also in the forest William and Hamnet meet characters that become sources of inspiration for Shakespeare's future plays, including: Orlando and Rosalind from "As You Like It," the three witches from "Macbeth," and Falstaff. In the final scene, after inventing stilton cheese, William marries the saucy wench, and Hamnet marries the milkmaid. All's well that ends well.
Cast Age Range
18-25, 25-40
Cast Ethnicity
No Ethnicity Requirements
Reqd Performance Skills
Set, lighting et al
Period/Complex Costume
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