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Ben Francis
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The Knock-Around
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Jake and Russ are doing very nicely thank you: kitchen fitter and jacuzzi installer and golfing partners. But what happens when Calvin, the embarrassing friend from their early days, suddenly comes into money when his wife is injured by a load of loose p
Plot Synopsis
Jake is a kitchen fitter who plays a round of golf with his mate Russ. Only one Saturday there's Calvin, the friend from their schooldays who they could never shake off, suddenly rich from an insurance payment after his wife Oonagh was injured when some badly-stacked pineapples fell on her. Russ is busy pursuing his many extra-marital affairs so it is Jake who has to teach Calvin how to play. Meanwhile Jake is suspicious that his wife Liz is Russ's latest conquest. Calvin improves his game and invites Russ and Jake to play with him, only to attack Russ at the tenth hole. It was Oonagh that Russ had been seeing. Jake phones Oonagh and warns her that Calvin knows. When Jake tells Liz that evening she says that he should have left Oonagh to take what's coming. Jake flips and attacks his horrible but fashionable kitchen with a golf club. He and Liz go to marriage guidance, Russ sets up with Oonagh and Calvin is in trouble for insurance fraud. When Jake and Calvin play a round of golf together Calvin knocks a ball behind a tree stump and sobs: he'll never be able to get it back into play. Jake tells him to kick it back on the green: 'Go on. You've earned it.'
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