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Paulo Howard Rosso
Nominated Charity
Vision Aid Overseas

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All in the mind
Short Description
A psychiatrist sees a new patient only to discover that she is his half-sister
Plot Synopsis
Rupert Digby is a psychiatrist in his mid-thirties. He is a man with a big ego that he strokes on a regular basis. His mother dominates his life since her lover Richard Delightful (Rupert’s father) left her after she announced she was pregnant over 30 years ago and has never seen him since. Rupert knows nothing of his father, other than the countless stories Madge has told him over the years. Madge spends much of her time trying to win Rupert’s affection; that is when she is not threatening to jump off a ledge somewhere in town. Rupert is unmarried by choice preferring the bachelor lifestyle. In this short play, we are given a sense of Rupert’s ego and the relationship he has with his mother. We discover Rupert has a half-sister when a new and rather attractive patient makes an appointment. He also meets his Father for the first time.
Cast Age Range
25-40, 40-60, 60+
Cast Ethnicity
No Ethnicity Requirements
Reqd Performance Skills
Set, lighting et al
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