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Paulo Howard Rosso
Nominated Charity
Vision Aid Overseas

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'Corporate Conspiracy'
Short Description
A business runs into trouble after a conspiracy is hatched to steal confidential data passing on trade secrets to a competitor
Plot Synopsis
An international software company's sales plummet and their share price slumps. The American Board of Directors are convinced that a conspiracy has taken place in the UK office believing confidential product information has been passed to competitors. The Board instructs the UK's Managing Director Peter Redfearn to investigate and resolve the crisis. We quickly learn however that Peter is a part of the conspiracy. He and co-conspirators hatch a plan to frame colleagues to cover up the facts. Under pressure, the Sales Director James Boxer commits suicide throwing their plans into turmoil. The mastermind behind the conspiracy (Tom Stafford) who runs a rival company uses his charm to win the affections of several cast members to achieve his personal objectives.
Cast Age Range
25-40, 40-60, 60+
Cast Ethnicity
No Ethnicity Requirements
Reqd Performance Skills
Set, lighting et al
Set Build Required, Lighting Required
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