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Pete Burnett
Nominated Charity
Cancer Research

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The Trial of Philip Merryfield
Theatre, TV, Film, Radio
Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Short Description
A man stands on Mars, accused of murder – but was it justified?
Plot Synopsis
The earth has been destroyed in a cataclysm. Only a few people have escaped to form a new colony on the planet Mars, and Philip Merryfield is on trial for his life – for throwing an old lady out of the spaceship and taking her place. But was he right to do it? The play depicts the court case, allowing the events and motivations to be explored - and the audience plays the role of the jury. Their final vote determines the ending of the play. NOTE: this play has been written to be able to be performed with minimal set and a highly flexible cast - making it ideal for festivals and other situations with limited space and resources.
Cast Age Range
18-25, 25-40, 40-60, 60+
Cast Ethnicity
No Ethnicity Requirements
Reqd Performance Skills
Set, lighting et al
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