About Us

Here at FreeScriptFinder.com – we have 3 main objectives:

  • To help performance groups easily find high-quality scripts that they can perform without incurring heavy licencing and reprinting fees, and also constraints around what they can perform when
  • To help new and emerging writers find an audience and an outlet for their creativity, so they can have the satisafction of seeing their work performed and also gain valuable feedback in the process
  • To help good causes raise funds – which is why we suggest that groups make a charitable donation to a worthwhile cause in lieu of fees where possible

Our team has many years of experience of both writing and performing, and this allows us to help match good writing talent with the right performance channel.

If you want to contact us, you can do so at hello@freescriptfinder.com.


The FreeScriptFinder.com team


Q: Does this impact or undermine professional scriptwriters?

A: We don’t believe so, as our target demographic is amateur dramatics companies and film-makers, who don’t have much of a budget to start with. These are people who are already looking for free scripts (hence our choice of domain name and SEO focus) – so it’s a very different customer base than the one that professional writers hoping to earn money from their writing should be going after. Plus there are a number of professionals who keep some work aside as paid projects, but submit other work that they want to get out into the public domain. Our team here at Free Script Finder includes people who have been paid royalties for shows, who work as professional writers and who have had their work shown by national TV stations, so it’s a field we are familiar with.

Q: Can anyone post a script to the site?

A: We certainly have no limitations in terms of background or previous experience. The script collection here at Free Script Finder is curated, which means that we do review submissions to make sure they meet certain standards of presentation, taste, grammar and so on. So the answer is that yes, anyone can post a script, providing it meets our standards. We do this to make sure that people searching for a script can in turn expect a reasonable level of quality in what they find. Having been involved at all levels of production – writing, acting, direction, technical etc – we want to make sure that every script in our collection is one that performance groups can select in the comfortable knowledge that there has been a level of vetting and sanity checking before they decide to download it.