What a difference a week makes!

What a difference a week makes!


We can’t quite believe it’s been seven days since FreeScriptFinder.com went live. It’s been a whirlwind of questions and explanations:

“Yes, downloads are completely free of charge.” “No, we’re not making any money from it.” “Yes, you can upload your script yourself, but we will need to approve and publish it.” “Yes, you can include your contact details so that groups can get in touch with you.” “Yes, you can use the word ‘bloody’ in your script.” 

We are simultaneously elated, and in dire need of a cup of tea. Or something stronger…

Brilliantly, as well as questions, we have also received a deluge of scripts – there are already 42 on the site. 42 scripts! Completely free of charge! Monologues, sketches, full length plays, dramas, comedies, you name it – and all of them excellent. 

Just a few of our wonderful scripts below:

We Are The Grandsons, by Alaric Greene

My Father’s House, by Ken White

Parents Evening, by Ian Guy

Hughie Kapooey and the Really Orangey Thing, by Cat Lamin

All In The Mind, by Paulo Howard Rosso

Go and have a look at our script-finder page now – you never know, you may find your next show there! 

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